Angelic Reiki has such a powerful influence on our lives and I feel that prospective students would like to know how Angelic Reiki is likely to change their current reality.

Here are comments from various people:

Sara from Newbury had this to say:

"I was drawn to Angelic Reiki as soon as I read about it online. I searched for someone to train me and was immediately drawn to you Colleen. I am very pleased that I was. Angelic Reiki has made a huge difference to my life, which at the moment and over the last couple of months should have been been difficult, awkward, stressed, and distressing, I have found unbelievable strength and comfort from giving myself Angelic Reiki. I know what my situation at present would have done to me previously, but now I find that if I give myself Angelic Reiki when I'm beginning to feel stressed, especially during those waking hours at night, then when I awake in the morning I actually feel fantastic and positive and, believe it or not, I feel full of Joy! My goodness, what a difference! I know that I am changing as a person and have found I have so much better an outlook on life than I have ever had before.
  I have seen very positive effects of distance healing too, on friends, family and acquaintances. It seems that all I have to do is ask and it is done! When I have given Angelic Reiki I have been thrilled with the positive reactions the recipients have given! I have had people texting me some time later telling me that they still 'feel chilled' and able to cope with difficult situations. Fantastic!
  I have come to feel when performing Angelic Reiki on myself that that time is 'my time' and I look forward to it! It is very special! I have even recorded the music onto my I-pod so I can even listen to it in the middle of the night! Is that sad? I can thoroughly recommend Angelic Reiki to anybody. It is certainly life-enhancing! How did I manage without it!"


"I booked onto the Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 workshop with Colleen. I was a bit skeptical at first but was soon put at ease and found myself deeply engrossed in what was happening.  The sessions flew by and I found myself in awe of the Angels and the tranquil feelings that I had then and that have remained with me.  I practice self healing every night which has left me very calm and relaxed. This has helped me to sort out my inner feelings and I now recognize when I am being nudged into something so I am not afraid to ask for help from the Angels and the Cosmos.

This is a wonderful course for beginners and I would recommend it to everyone."

from Carol in Caversham

Angelic Reiki is also wonderful for physical healing.   On 16 April I had surgery on my left shoulder.   As an Angelic Reiki Master, I naturally used self healing along with the prescribed pain relief and exercised as recommended by the surgeon.   I found that it was not necessary to take as much pain relief medication as prescribed and at the three week check up the surgeon was surprised at the mobility in my shoulder and left arm!   My love and gratitude to my Healing Angel and the Angelic Realms.







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